4 Ways To Use Custom Shirts To Help Launch A Product

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When you are participating in a product launch, it is important to have as much positive exposure as possible. You may be launching your own product or running promotions on products that you sell in your store. Either way, these ideas can help attract customers to buy the product at your location. Here are four ways to use custom shirts in your product launch.

Employee Uniforms

In the weeks leading up to the product launch, have your employees wear the USA made custom shirts you ordered to promote the product. If you are not selling the product in your own store, contact your vendors and see if they would be willing to have their employees wear the shirts leading up to the product launch. This is an easy way to create advertising for customers that would already be interested in your product.

Free Shirt with Purchase

It helps to have pre-orders of your product, especially from smaller stores that specialize in selling it. For example, if you have a board game you want to promote, it helps to have high pre-order numbers. You can help bring up these numbers by offering a free t-shirt with each pre-order and offer a free shirt to the first ten (or more) purchases made at the store on opening day. The number should depend on the expected number of copies to be sold at each store.

Use Shirts as Part of Your Launch Event

Another option is to use the custom shirts as part of your launch event. You can give away the shirts as part of drawings you hold in order to attract customers. You can also offer a free shirt to the first fifty people to attend the event. If you are planning a launch party and you know that you may have to compete with other launch parties in your area, a cooler shirt can motivate additional people to come to your event instead.

Give Away Shirts at Conventions

A great way to build buzz about the product launching is to reach out to your target audience. Entrepreneur.com recommends finding a way to reach out to those who are already making purchases from your competition. A convention is great way to do that. Your target audience is already at the convention because of the interest in products similar to yours. Create a booth that promotes your new product, allows your perspective customers try the item, and then give away free shirts so they remember it when they go home.

For more information or to use custom shirts for a product launch, contact a company that specializes in making custom shirts, or visit websites like www.allusaclothing.com.