Essential Footwear: 4 Types of Shoes Every Man Should Own

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If you're a guy, then you might not know the name of fashion designers or even love to go shopping, but you will want to have the right shoes for the right occasion. It can be embarrassing if you have to attend a wedding in a pair of tennis shoes. Also, having the right footwear is practical. If you want to go for a jog, you don't want your only choice of footwear to be a pair of dress shoes or construction boots. To help you out, here is a list of the essentials that every man should have in his closet.


Oxfords are your go-to dress shoe. They are great for the office, or, if you don't work in an office, they are perfect for a formal dinner or wedding. You should choose a pair of black Oxfords. This is because they work with black, navy, and charcoal suits. While the basic style of the Oxford is the same, you can get varying designs. Some shoes have very intricate scroll-work designs on the tip while others are smooth.

Hiking Boots

If you like the outdoors, then you need a pair of hiking boots. They are not just for hiking; they are good for many outdoor activities. They are lighter than work boots, but they are stronger than sneakers. If you plan on going camping, kayaking, or hiking or doing landscaping on your property, then hiking boots would be perfect.

Some hiking boots are designed to be waterproof. These are great if you are going to be hiking riverbeds or canoeing. Other hiking boots are designed with mesh sides that allow for greater airflow. These are great if you plan to go for long hikes and need breathable shoes.

Running Sneakers

If you run, jog, or play basketball, then you should get a pair of running sneakers. These sneakers are designed to support your ankle and cushion the impact on your knee. The main thing that you need to think about when choosing running sneakers is your gait. Some sneakers are designed to help people who overpronate, while other sneakers are designed for people who underpronate.

Work Boots

Don't forget the work boots. These are vital if you have a job that involves manual labor or dangerous situations. However, even if you work in an office, it's important to own a pair of good work boots. If you are planning to do some home improvement such as carpentry, then you will want to wear work boots. These are also good any time you are working in your garage.

Work boots have a strong body to protect your foot from damage. The two most important features when it comes to work boots are the toe and sole. You want to choose a boot with a steel toe and one with a textured, nonslip, rubber sole. The steel toe will protect your feet from falling objects. The textured sole will help you with traction while walking on slippery surfaces. This can be a lifesaver when working on a wet scaffold or an oily cement floor. The thick rubber material will prevent nails and other sharp objects from puncturing your feet while you work. Contact a provider like Cowpokes to explore your work boot options.