Thinking Of Buying Your First Pair Of Cowboy Boots? Keep These 4 Things In Mind

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If you have never bought a pair of cowboy boots before, you may think it's like buying another pair of shoes. However, there are some things that you have to pay particular attention to when you're shopping for these kinds of boots. Keep the following tips in mind so you can find the perfect boots.

Get the Right Shape for Your Feet

Many old-style cowboy boots have a slightly narrowed toe because cowboys needed to be able to quickly move their boots in and out of riding stirrups. You can get a pointed toe boot if you like, but if you have wide feet or prefer another look, you can choose a rounded toe boot instead. 

Know Where You'll Be Wearing Them

When you shop for boots, it's important that you know where you will wear them so you can get the right type of boot. If you only plan to wear them for dancing, for instance, you don't need to search out a curved heel, which is typically used for those riding horses. If you plan to use your boots at the rodeo, it's best to get a short heel for dismounting a horse quickly after you've roped a calf.

Consider Heel Height

Different cowboy boots aren't just different in terms of material, style and color, but also in the terms of how high the heel is. Most cowboy boots have some kind of noticeable heel on them, but it is important to check the size of the heel before choosing to buy a particular pair of boots.

If you are short, a high heel can, of course, make you seem a little taller, but a higher heel is also a good idea if you plan on riding horses because they help you keep your feet secure in the riding stirrups. Lower heels might be more comfortable if you just plan to walk around town. 

Think of Maintenance

You may not realize the care and maintenance that you'll need to do when you buy a pair of leather boots. To keep them looking nice, it's important to polish them and clean them according to the shoe's manufacturer's directions. Not all boots need to be cleaned in the same way, and you don't want to ruin the shoes by using the wrong kind of cleaner, so it is important that you read the care instructions of any boots you're considering, if possible. That way, you can determine whether you feel like dealing with that kind of maintenance before you buy them.

Let the above information serve as a guide you can use while you are looking for your first pair of cowboy boots. Keep trying on boots until you find the pair you were born to wear.