4 Cute Gift Ideas For Your Sorority "Little"

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One of the best aspects of being in a sorority is getting assigned a "little" sister. As her "big" sister, you are there to mentor and guide her and help make the experience of joining a sorority a memorable and fun time in her life. It's traditional to get your "little" gifts during Pledge Week and throughout the school year whenever you want to make her feel special. Here are four gift ideas you probably haven't thought of yet:

Customized Rain Boots

Customized rain boots are a more creative gift than the more typical sorority tee shirt and something she will get a lot of use from. Have them customized with your college's name, colors, and of course your sorority letters. Her feet will stay warm and cozy, and she will think fondly of you every time she trudges across campus on a rainy or snowy day.

Sorority Pin Box

Your little needs a special jewelry box to keep her sorority pin safe when she's not wearing it. You can buy her one in a favorite color and add your sorority letters to it, or you can even make one yourself if you are crafty. Aim to give her something that matches her style and goes with her existing stuff so she can proudly display it on her dresser.

Affirmation Jar

There will be days when your little sister feels homesick, is experiencing boyfriend trouble, worried about an upcoming exam, or just generally feeling blue. Let her know you care and are there for her by making her an affirmation jar for those times. Simply write out thoughtful quotations, cheerful sayings, things you love about your little sister, or fun memories you've shared so far.

These can go on strips of paper, but are even cuter on popsicle sticks. Then simply fill a mason jar with the affirmations and give it to her with a note explaining that she can take out an affirmation and read it whenever she's feeling down.

Themed Gift Basket

A lot of big sisters like to buy or put together gift baskets for their little sisters. You can make this more thoughtful by basing it on a theme. For example, you can include some favorite things you know your "little" misses from home.

By putting thought into the gifts you pick out for your "little" you will make her sorority experience more meaningful and help create a bond that may last long after college.