3 Tips To Get Wine Stains Out Of Your Clothes

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Although red wine can stain when spilled, that doesn't mean that you need to avoid it altogether. You just need to learn how to clean it up the right way. While you might have been told that red wine stains are impossible to get out, that isn't the case. You can remove the stains from your clothing in no time and restore their original color and brilliance. Just follow the three simple tips below.

White wine

You might not realize it, but white wine can help to get rid of red wine stains. Simply take some white wine and apply it to the stain. Allow it to sit there for a few minutes to work its magic. Then, try blotting the stain to pull the red wine out of the material. Once you have gotten the stain out by blotting, you can proceed to washing as normal. Don't wash the clothing until the stain is completely out or you will end up setting it into the fabric.


One of the first steps in conquering any stain is to blot any excess wine up. Once you have blotted as much as you can up, you want to lay your piece of clothing out flat. Take a bunch of table salt and fully cover the stain. Apply generous amounts to the stain. Give the salt time to do its job and soak up any remaining wine from your clothing. Once the salt is dry, you want to dump the excess into a garbage can. Then, pour some hot water on the stain and allow it to sit there for a few minutes to get the rest of the wine out. Once the remainder of the wine is out, you can proceed to washing your garment like normal.

White vinegar wash

White vinegar works great at getting wind stains out. Apply enough vinegar to the stain to fully saturate it. Proceed to washing right away to allow the vinegar to do its job and get rid of the wine stain for you. Since white vinegar can be a little strong, you want to use a nice, scented laundry soap to help minimize the smell of the vinegar.

By using one of the tips above, you should be able to get your wine stain out and restore your item to its original state. Now, you can enjoy a glass of wine without causing your clothing to suffer. For more help removing wine stains, talk with a professional cleaner like South Street Laundromat.