Sweet And Chic: Runway Wedding Dress Trends For You

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It's hard to believe, what with this year's calendar barely reaching summer, but next year's wedding dress trends are already coming out. Designers prep well in advance of the different seasons, and 2017's spring lines are hitting runways and giving you a peek at things to come. But how can you sort which styles are obtainable and which ones are pure runway? If you're looking forward to your own wedding next year and want to know about the most implementable trends in wedding dresses, then here's what you need to know.

Big, Beautiful Bows

As far as dress details go, the hottest one of the upcoming season looks to be oversized bows. This fun, whimsical touch can add some traditional femininity to a sleek gown, or be the cherry on top of a princess-style dress. Popular places to place a bow include at the bottom of your train, finishing off a tie at your natural waist, or even at the knee-height cinch on a fit-and-flare style such as a mermaid or trumpet dress. This isn't to say those are the only places to incorporate bows on your big day; a bow on your hairpiece would also add a trendy touch to an otherwise classic gown.

Plunging Necklines

Designers seem to be asking the classic limbo question when creating the necklines of their gowns – how low can you go? Deep V necklines flatter any shape (and any bust size from AAA to Z) and can elongate your neck, which is particularly nice if you have a somewhat short neck to begin with. Deep Vs are also great for shorter brides; by leaving more of the dress open down your front, you create the illusion of height without wearing skyscraper heels. Be aware: the deep V necessitates a good strapless bra, but if you find the proper equipment, you'll be able to carry this trend with flair.

High Collars

If you're not entirely comfortable in a deep V – whether out of consideration for modesty or simply distaste for strapless bras – the high fashion look of a high collar might be a little more your speed. High collars can be added to any dress cut (seriously; even a sweetheart neckline can add a collar by adding a bit of sheer material between your neck and your chest) and made out of any fabric to match your dress if it doesn't have one already.


The hottest trend is the one you feel hottest in, but if you're looking to have a fashion-forward wedding, employing these designer features is sure to give you a dress you could walk down the runway in. For more inspiration, shop around at women's boutiques and see what catches your eye.