Love This Life Bracelets And Charms

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The Love This Life movement declares that you should celebrate yourself in all of your glory, individuality, and humanity. This movement was created in 2001 by David Culiner, a musician who found that the way to tame the demons in life was to love himself, embrace himself with all of his flaws, and connect with all beings on earth through music. David Culiner developed this movement to tell everyone to believe in themselves now and forever. 

David Culiner has said that to show that you love your life, listen to great music, and declare your love and acceptance for every being on Earth, you can wear Love This Life jewelry. Here are some Love This Life bracelets that he has designed to declare your belief in the Love This Life way of living: 

  • The Love This Life Adjustable Bangle - This adjustable bangle bracelet can be your declaration of you being you. Because this bracelet is infinitely adjustable, it can be worn on your arm around your wrist, forearm, bicep, or anywhere!
  • The Love This Life Adjustable Lariat Bracelet - This adjustable bracelet is strung on a leather cord so it is very comfortable to wear on your wrist or ankle.
  • The Love This Life Interchangeable Charms - Precious and non-precious metal charms are available to add to your Love This Life bangle or lariat bracelet. These charms come in many shapes and forms such as a peace sign, a yin/yang symbol, flowers, wire-wrapped gemstones, hearts, initials, butterflies, birds, guitars, music, angels, and many symbols of different occupations and hobbies. Some charms also have quotes, words of wisdom, or aspirations. Friendship symbols are also available to wear and share with loved ones. 

The Love This Life Logo

As the universal symbol of the Love This Life movement, David Culiner created the "2 Paths" logo. This logo is made of two hand-painted circular brushstrokes, placed one within the other, with an arrow from the outer circle piercing into the center of the inner circle. The logo symbolizes David Culiner's choice to embrace his loves and activities and keep them in his heart. The Love This Life logo is available as a design on a metal charm or banner. 

David Culiner has stated that Love This Life jewelry can remind you to be your true self while you connect to other living beings, and to let your true spirit shine forth for all to see. He said that this jewelry can proclaim that you choose your own path intuitively and follow it with your heart, and announces to everyone that you are timeless and that you rock! Wearing this jewelry reminds you to always Love This Life.