Don't Call It A Comeback: Five Funky Fashions That Are Making A Return

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If you are looking for some additions to your current wardrobe, take a look at some funky fashions that are making a major comeback. Fashions tend to be cyclic, and many looks that were popular in previous decades are resurfacing on the runway, streets, and in consumer closets.

Five fun and funky fashions you need in your summer wardrobe are:

A great poncho. Ponchos are exploding on the fashion scene, and they are the perfect cover-up for all kinds of weather, in any season. Invest in soft cashmere ponchos for a look that quickly adapts to formal events, or a cute cotton poncho for a beach cover-up that you will wear all summer long. These are just the right thing to keep the chill off during a breezy evening or to snuggle up with when reading a good book.

A sarong skirt. Sarongs are becoming very popular, due in part to the versatility of this garment. You can wear these as a summery skirt, or wrap it around for a light wrap. Dress a sarong up or down, depending on the occasion; for instance, pair with a great pair of boots for a day of shopping or some strappy sandals for a night on the town.

A wide headband. Wide, elasticized headbands are a great fashion accessory that you shouldn't be without. These not only keep your hair out of your face but also can create a cohesive ensemble when paired with a wide range of outfits. Toss one in your bag for impromptu activities and when you want to pull your hair back from your face in a stylish way.

A comfy caftan. Caftans are the perfect summer garment, stylish and effortless. There are some beautiful caftans hitting the market in a variety of fabrics from organic cotton to smooth silks. These can be worn anywhere, which makes them the ideal item to take when traveling or going away for the weekend.

Some pretty palazzos. Palazzo pants are back in style and the loose, Bohemian look works well for a wide-range of wearers and figures. Pair with a tee shirt for a comfy, casual look, or dress up with a tank and a pair of heels.

If you only buy a couple new items for your summer wardrobe, make sure it is one of these five fashion finds. Visit retailers online, such as Velvet Bungalow, or in your region to find funky ponchos, sarongs, headbands, caftans, and palazzo pants. These will fast become your favorite garments for many seasons to come!