Does Your Little Fish Love Mermaids? 4 Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Mermaid Swimsuit

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If your child loves to swim and loves mermaids, it might be time to get them a mermaid suit. Mermaid suits allow kids to experience how it feels to swim like a mermaid. Before you set your child off on their new adventure, you should make sure that they're prepared for the experience. To see if your child is ready for a mermaid swimwear costume, spend the afternoon in the pool with them. Look for the following four signs. These signs will show that your child is ready to dive in with their mermaid suit.

They Can Float on Their Back

Have your child float on their back. Floating is a basic requirement for mermaid safety. While they're floating, make sure they look relaxed. If your child can float on their back in the swimming pool, they're on their way to being ready for their mermaid suit.

They Can Switch from Back Float to Front Float

Once you've determined that your child can float on their back, have them switch from back to front. While they're floating on their back, instruct your child to switch to a front float. Watch to see if they can accomplish this maneuver without difficulty. It's also important that they can switch from back to front comfortably. Have your child practice until they've perfected the switch-off.

They Can Swim the Length of the Pool Unassisted

Now that you've determined that your child can float and switch from back to front, it's time to make sure they can swim with confidence. Have your child swim the length of the pool while you stay on the side. Make sure your child can swim the entire length of the pool unassisted and without distress.

They Can Dolphin Kick Front and Back

Finally, it's time to make sure that your child can dolphin kick front and back. If you're not sure what a dolphin kick is, there are videos available online that can help you learn. The dolphin kick is essential because that's how your child will swim once they've put their mermaid suit on. Once your child can dolphin kick across the pool while breathing properly, they'll be ready for their new mermaid suit.

Mermaid suits are a fun way to get your child swimming. Before you let your child take off in their new suit, you need to make sure they can safely maneuver in one. The tips provided here will help you get your child ready to swim like the mermaids.