3 Safe Steps For Helping Your Little Girl Choose Her Own Outfits

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As the parent of a growing little girl, you may wonder when it is best for your child to begin putting her own ensembles together and even choosing the clothing she would like to purchase from the local girls clothing boutique. The truth is that since every child is different, there is no right or wrong age to begin allowing your child to plan her out outfits. However, if your little girl is beginning to show interest in expressing herself through her fashion choices, then it may be time to allow her to have some input in the clothing she wears. Follow these three steps to ease her into this big change without worry of her ending up wearing outfits she will be embarrassed to see in photos later when she is older. 

1. Start Her off with a Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes have become popular among busy adults. If you haven't heard of this term, a capsule wardrobe is a basic clothing wardrobe with just a few staple clothing items in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched to create many different looks. The original idea for the capsule wardrobe limits clothing items and shoes combined to 37 pieces, but this is not a rule, and it can contain any number of items.  

Why provide a capsule wardrobe for your child? When her closet and drawers are filled with only the items you chose for her small capsule wardrobe, they will all match! That means she can have the satisfaction of knowing that she put together her own outfit each day without realizing that the collection of clothing she chose them from was masterfully created by you to make clashing virtually impossible!

2. Choose Clothing For Special Occasions as a Team 

Her capsule wardrobe will contain everyday clothing items for school and play, but she, of course, will still need outfits and dresses for special occasions. Before you begin allowing her to choose new clothing items on her own, begin working together as a team to choose her special occasion dresses and outfits.

For example, if a holiday is approaching, then take her to the clothing store or show her a webpage of a girls' clothing boutique. Ask her which dresses/outfits she would like to wear and why. If she makes a great choice, then tell her exactly what it is about the outfit that you like and why she made a great decision. If you don't think her first choices are suitable, then ask her why she liked the item (she may like the color), and show her outfits you think are more suitable that contain the features that she liked in her first choice. If you need some help, you can contact the boutique workers for more info on their options.

The goal of this time spent together choosing clothing as a team is for her to learn why certain clothing styles are suitable for certain occasions and why. The more time you spend together choosing her clothing items, the easier she will find it to later make good choices naturally on her own. 

3. Let Her Begin Choosing Her New Clothing

When you begin to notice that your daughter is making appropriate clothing choices quickly during your "team time" together, then she may be ready to pick out her own clothing all by herself! This time may come a few months after step two or maybe not for a few years. Don't worry that you will lose complete control over her clothing choices once she reaches this step, because you can still buy her those cute outfits and dresses that you would love to see her wear whenever you get the urge!

There comes a time when every young girl would like to begin expressing herself through what she wears, and all girls reach that stage at various ages. When your little girl begins showing interest in choosing her own clothing, then follow these three steps to give her the freedom she desires without worrying about her wearing wacky outfits to school that she will look back on in years with embarrassment.