Tips For Dressing When You're Tall

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Being a taller-than-average man can have its advantages. As a super-tall man, you'll never have trouble reaching high-up objects, and it's true that many women adore tall men! With that said, there are some small disadvantages to being very tall, such as having a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. Fortunately, there are many stores that specialize in offering clothing for tall men. If you can find one of these stores in your area and then follow a few helpful style tips, you can look absolutely great and embrace and enjoy your height for what it's worth!

Don't Go Too Baggy

To begin with, one common style mistake that tall men often make is buying baggy, ill-fitted clothing. They often think that frumpy, over sized clothes will disguise their frame and make them look less tall, but the fact of the matter is that too-big clothes just emphasize a person's height and not in a good way. They often make the wearer look as though he lacks self-confidence and just don't provide a good look in general.

This isn't to say that you should wear super-tight clothing, but you should at least wear clothes that are properly sized and fitted. Your height is not really something you can hide,no matter what you wear, so embrace it and your frame with appropriately fitted clothing.

Purchase Specially-Made Ties

Many tall men will buy their pants, shirts, and other must-have items from specialty stores, and then, for whatever reason, buy other accessories from "regular" stores. And, while that can sometimes be okay, this practice usually doesn't fly when it comes to ties!

Tall men typically need longer-than-average ties since ties, ideally, need to hit the belt area. Too-short ties leave an exposed shirt front, which is not the most appealing style. So, unless you happen to get lucky and find a long enough tie at a "regular" store (unlikely), do your tie shopping at stores that are just for tall men.

Length Matters

Just as length matters when it comes to your ties, it also matters (a lot!) when it comes to your pants legs and your sleeves. There is nothing worse than seeing a nicely dressed man with trousers that are too short and reveal his socks or with a shirt with sleeves that cut his arms in half.

Make sure your lengths are accurate, especially in these areas, if you want to look nice and put together, and remember, specialty stores for tall men are your friend! For more information regarding clothing services, contact businesses such as Frank's Big & Tall Men's Shop.