Tips To Make Caring For Your Ties Easier

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A tie can be an integral part of the outfit that you wear to work each day. While ties are fairly common fashion accessories, individuals will frequently find that they are poorly prepared to take care of their ties. This can lead to situations where they may inadvertently shorten the usable lifespan of their ties due to making some avoidable but routine care mistakes.

Avoid Leaving The Tie Tied When You Are Not Wearing It

At the end of the day, you will need to remove your tie, but you may be tempted to simply slip the tie over your head rather than undoing it. This may seem like a harmless way of reducing the time needed to put on or remove the tie, but it can actually cause extensive wear to it. This is due to the strain that the knot will put on the fabric of the tie. Over time, this can cause the fabric to become frayed, faded or permanently warped. By taking the time to undo your tie, you can avoid these sources of wear so that your tires will last much longer.

Hang Your Ties

When you are not wearing your tie, you should hang them. This will prevent wrinkles from forming, and it can also reduce the risk of the ties becoming tangled. If you are concerned about the space needed for hanging your ties, there are compact tie racks that you can use. In particular, some of these racks will be the size of a traditional coat hanger, but they will be able to effectively hold many ties.

Rotate The Ties That You Wear

A simple way of helping to extend the life of your tie collection is to avoid wearing the same tie for multiple days in a row. Repeatedly wearing the tie will contribute to the knot gradually wearing on the fabric. Also, you may find that ties that you wear repeatedly may be at a higher risk of fading, becoming stained, warped or suffering other damage. By rotating your tires and avoiding wearing the same one multiple days, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of strain that they suffer.

Have Stains Professionally Reviewed

Eventually, your tie may develop a noticeable stain that can ruin its appearance. Removing these stains may seem like a simple task, but it is important to be aware of the fact that many stain-removing cleaning solutions will be damaging to the pigments in the tie. To minimize the risk that your tie suffers color damage from your attempts at stain removal, you should leave this work to a professional dry cleaner.

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