4 Benefits Of Wearing Army Boots That You Probably Didn't Know

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Military footwear was very popular in the '80's, and it became a wardrobe staple with the grunge music set in the '90s'. However, this fashion fad has dwindled off, which is sad because army boots have a lot going for them. If you could not understand why anyone would wear army boots intentionally, maybe you need to find out what some of the benefits are.

1. It Is Impossible to Stub Your Toe

Army boots are built for combat. That means that they are solidly built, with only enough flex in the material that wraps around your ankle and lower leg. The entire foot part of the boot is heavy and very thick to protect the feet of soldiers in times of war. That said, you cannot stub your toe wearing army boots any more than you can get bitten on the foot by a snake. The hard foot construction makes injuries to your foot almost impossible.

2. If You Break or Sprain Your Foot or Ankle, the Boots Provide Ample Compression

Breaking your ankle or foot results in a lot of swelling. Sprains cause swelling too. In all first aid lessons, people are taught to leave shoes or boots on the injured foot/ankle as the compression prevents excessive swelling that could occlude an x-ray and make it difficult for your doctor to treat the injury. This is especially true if you were out hiking in the middle of nowhere and it will take a very long time for the rescue team to get you. An army boot, when laced up properly, provides more than adequate compression to keep your foot from swelling too much.

3. Army Boots Take Forever to Wear Out

Because of their intended use and construction, army boots last nearly forever. That is a good thing if you spend all day marching through a foreign country to fight an enemy, and you repeat that march for days on end. It is even better if you only wear army boots as a fashion statement, as the life expectancy of the boots will be even longer than if you were wearing them on the battlefield.

4. You Can Stomp the Daylights out of Anything

Cockroaches running across the kitchen floor? Scorpions scuttling through the front door? They are not a problem when you wear army boots! You can stomp the daylights out of these pesky and terrifying creatures, all with no harm or risk to yourself. That is just how tough military footwear is.

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