3 Types Of Hats To Complement Your Urban Look

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If you favor dressing in an urban style, you have to remember that this look doesn't end at your shoulders. You should always be thinking about what type of hat you wish to wear to complement your style. A hoodie is a common urban-inspired garment, but even if you choose to wear the hood over your head, you can still wear a hat. 

Urban clothing shops not only have broad selections of clothing and shoes but also have lots of hats for you to consider. Your best choice is to buy a few hats so that you can always wear the right one with your outfit. Here are three types of hats that you'll definitely want to have.

1. Professional Sports Team Hat

Many people in the urban scene enjoy wearing hats with professional sports team logos on them. There are all sorts of approaches that you can take to this idea. For example, a simple option is to buy the cap of one of the professional sports teams in your city or state and wear it. This is a practical idea if you cheer for this team. Another option to explore is to buy a team's hat because of how it matches with your favorite attire. For example, if you often dress in red, there are plenty of professional sports teams with red hats that will complement your outfit.

2. Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is another popular choice in the urban community. This hat has a short brim around it and comes in many different styles. You'll have no trouble finding a good selection of bucket hats at any urban clothing stores in your community and can find ones that complement your usual attire. You can go with something plain and understated, such as a bucket hat in a solid color, or something a little jazzier, such as something in a bright hue or with a funky design.

3. Leather Hat

If you favor a dressed-up urban ensemble, a leather hat might be appealing to you. All sorts of leather hats can work well within the urban genre. One simple idea is a leather baseball cap. This type of hat doesn't have to feature a team's logo — instead, just having a plain look, or perhaps some gold or silver bling adorning the front — can work well with your outfit. Its classy nature makes it a step well above a traditional baseball cap.

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