7 Ways To Show Your Holiday Spirit Without Donning An Ugly Sweater

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Obviously, the 'Ugly Holiday Sweater' trend is extremely popular. So popular that it may actually become a permanent 'thing' over the holidays for years (decades?) to come. What happens if you hate it? Or, if you just see no point in wearing the ugliest, tackiest, most over-the-top thing you can find? There are plenty of ways to show your holiday spirit without even going near a knitted hot mess. 

1. Colors of the Season: You can sidestep the ugly sweater people by wearing the colors of the season in a more tactful manner.  Red, dark green and navy all work to show your holiday spirit in a much more subtle way.

2. Nail Art: A holiday manicure with a Christmas snowflake nail art stencil is just the ticket to show the spirit of the season on a much smaller scale. You could choose from a variety of stencils featuring anything from Santa to a menorah. 

3.  Holiday Hats: Whether outdoors or indoors, you can wear a cheerful hat for the holidays instead of a scratchy sweater. From a beret to a beanie and a fedora to a fez, hats can help you express your holiday spirit without joining in on all the ugly. 

4. Bobble Headbands: Cheap, plastic headbands have moved into every imaginable holiday. This time of year they feature snowmen, Christmas trees, and even dangling mistletoe all set on springs so they bounce as you walk along. Grab a few so you can rotate throughout the season. 

5. Light-up Brooch: If you prefer vintage items, search online auction sites for holiday brooches from the 1950-1970s. Traditionally, they had a small string that was pulled. This action made Santa's legs and arms move or caused the Christmas tree lights to turn on. 

6. Festive Scarves: Fashion scarves are a versatile part of any woman's wardrobe and there are so many ways to tie them. Start collecting scarves that are both the colors of the season as well as those that have festive, yet subtle, prints. Eventually you can own one for every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. It will become your 'thing' and no one will bother you with with ugly sweater requests.

7. Cookies: When all else fails, bring cookies. Whether you just refuse to dress up or you just plain forgot, no one will accuse you of being Scrooge when you bring cookies. In fact, keep a few dozen in the back seat of your car all season and you'll always be prepared.