Surf's Up: What To Look For In A Sustainable Swimwear Company

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When choosing new swimwear, many often think first of the style of suit they are most interested in. What may sometimes take the backseat of shopping for new swimwear is considering the sustainability of the suit itself. Luckily, many companies are taking action to provide their customers with a solid array of sustainably-made and visually appealing pieces. By taking a few factors to heart, the customer will be better able to decide on a sustainable company when buying their swimwear. 

The first thing that will naturally come to mind for many when pondering sustainable swimwear is the material itself. Sustainable fabrics can range anywhere from biodegradable material to recycled nylon. Some producers of sustainable swimwear have even turned to repurposing discarded fishing nets to create stunning swimwear pieces that have a timeless look. Through innovative design and creative brainstorming, swimwear companies that provide sustainable pieces have created undeniably beautiful pieces that are sure to turn heads! Whichever materials are used should be considered as this is the biggest factor into creating a truly sustainable product. Packing materials should also be included in using sustainable materials as well. Biodegradable or recyclable packaging and items such as reusable bags or totes can all contribute to a greener way to ship products. 

Another factor to consider when looking for a company that provides sustainable swimwear is the ethics of the company itself. Companies that manufacture locally will naturally leave a smaller carbon footprint. The customer can also take satisfaction in knowing they own a piece that was created locally. This not only lends itself to an overall sustainable lifestyle, but also adds a personal touch that cannot be matched by most mainstream swimwear products. Ensuring the workers of the company and those who create the pieces have comfortable and safe work environments is also a consideration to be looked at when determining the ethics of the swimwear company. 

By taking a look at both the primary materials used and the overall ethics of a swimwear company, one can better determine if this is the sustainable product they would like to go with. By factoring these issues into one's choice of a product or company, the customer is taking the extra step into living a more sustainable lifestyle. They can be rest assured that the product they wear to the pool or beach are not only made of materials that are earth-friendly but also made in an ethically sound way.