Two Tips to Follow If You've Organized a Photoshoot For Your Dog

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If you've decided that you want some professional photos taken of your dog, here are some tips to keep in mind for the photoshoot.

1. Get them a waterproof collar that complements the rest of their outfits

For this photoshoot, it might be a good idea to get them a waterproof collar that goes with any outfits you've selected for this occasion. For example, if you've bought them a white, pale gray, or sage green coat, you could get them a blush pink waterproof dog collar, as this would look great with any of these shades.

This collar will ensure that if any light drizzle occurs when the photographer is taking pictures of them playing in the park or your garden, your pet's collar won't get wet and look drenched and darker than it is. Your pet will also feel more comfortable playing, even when it's raining if they don't have to wear a collar that is soaked through and is making their neck cold.

This is particularly important to note if your dog is not a big fan of wet weather and usually wants to go back home if it rains when they're out on a  walk. Doing your best to ensure they feel comfortable in this weather will mean that the photographer can continue snapping adorable photos of them, even if it starts to drizzle during the photoshoot.

2. Have your dog try on their new garments and collars before their photoshoot

It's sensible to ensure your dog tries on any new collars or other garments you buy them for this occasion, before the photoshoot. If there are any accessories or dog clothes that you want to get which do not come with exact measurements but instead state the size in the form of small or medium, or which reference breed sizes, there's a chance you might get the wrong size.

If, for example, you put the aforementioned waterproof collar on your dog before their photoshoot and you discover that it's too large, you'll have time to either go back to the pet store and exchange it or shorten it yourself. This will ensure that you get to have photos of your dog in all of the adorable accessories you spent so much time selecting. It will also mean that your dog won't have to wear anything slightly uncomfortable (such as a coat that's a bit too tight for their torso) during this photoshoot.